Wikinger OWF Boulder clearance

Germany, Wikinger field - boulder clearance run along all 70 WTG locations on Wikinger OWF, in order to clear the defined spudcans and interaction areas of the IV ghosting primary positions from existing seabed surface for boulders above 0.50m height.

Operations carried out based on the seabed geophysical/ geotechnical survey reports and meteocean data provided by Scottish Power.

UTROV with boulder in grab

The boulder clearance operation was performed according to parameters determined by the client:

· Standard penetration depth, 0m.

· Identification of boulder positions with the use of RTK equipment.

· Relocation of boulders starting from 0.50m height above seabed and located within the Installation Vessel spudcans and interaction area.

· Tracking of each boulder relocation operation from their original position in a log file, including video if required by the employer or BSH.

· Final detailed reporting of the boulders relocation.

Wind turbine field offshore

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