Rampion offshore wind farm

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) was selected to deliver the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance solution of a pontoon at the Rampion off shore wind farm.

JFMS has successfully delivered the initial design of a 60m tubular steel floating pontoon to support the safe transfer of crew during the construction phase of the Rampion off shore wind farm project. The initial project success and increase in the expected work flow at the Newhaven site, has seen the contract extend to provide an additional 60m pontoon.

Rampion offshore wind farm

Results and benefits

The complex project benefitted from JFMS’ significant naval architecture expertise and during the technical verification design process, it was highlighted that an alteration in the boarding point of the pontoon would minimise the routing of electrical services and provide a cost reduction during the manufacturing and installation phase of the pontoon. The design of the pontoons have been specially adapted with a bespoke runner system on the brow and walkway to enable the safe transfer of personnel, which improves the docking operations and speeds up crew transfers by eliminating the need to amend mooring lines and adjust gangways to accommodate the tide. During the project, JFMS was able to demonstrate its flexibility by reacting to its clients’ needs by quickly chartering and mobilising a 26m guard vessel over a four month period.

Rampion floating pontoon

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