Release date: 01 November 2022

James Fisher Renewables (JF Renewables) has supported Vestas as part of the Taiwan offshore wind round 3 auction. With extensive experience in local engagement programmes and plans, our team in Taiwan has provided consultancy services to Vestas with the preparation of their plan for local content.

Having conducted multiple local content projects worldwide, we are experienced in not only developing such documentation but also in executing the strategy outlined. It is this experience that has made us the ideal partner for Vestas as they move into the round 3 auction with as strong a proposal as possible.

Alex Robertson, General Manager Taiwan, Vestas, commented:

“JF Renewables provided important support to help get Vestas ready for the first round 3 auction that took place in September. We valued their commitment and expertise and look forward to future opportunities for further collaboration.”

James Wu, General Manager Taiwan, JF Renewables, added:

“Working with the local supply chain has always been a key element for JFR's successful business worldwide. As a matter of fact, our growing business comes from the close collaboration with the local partners. In Taiwan, we have put a lot of effort in establishing partnerships with several local companies and helped develop their technical capabilities for the offshore wind industry. We are happy to share the know-hows and experiences with distinguished customers like Vestas and to assist them to present their ongoing localization plan in the IREP documents for the Round 3 auction.”

JF Renewables has continued to demonstrate our commitment to in-country development, localisation and investment in Taiwan most recently through local strategic partnerships with Dong Fang and Ho Lung Power Engineering. Through these partnerships we are able to support our customers with valuable solutions maximizing their local content points in the round 3 auction, while training local teams and providing knowledge transfer from our global renewables’ capabilities.

This is in addition to our new appointments announced earlier this year within the APAC region, cementing our commitment to boost local capacity and accelerate the global energy transition and strengthening our presence in Taiwan.

Note: Local content in Taiwan refers to the Industrial Relevance Execution Plan (IREP), which is a document submitted to the government that details the company’s and its supply chain’s core capabilities and competence and how these fit into Projects in Taiwan.

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