Release date: 13 June 2022

EDS HV Group (EDS), high voltage engineering specialists in the renewables industry and part of James Fisher Renewables (JF Renewables), today announces the appointment of Chris Bebbington as Engineering and Operations Director, leading its operations and maintenance (O&M) team to help reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCoE) and accelerate net zero ambitions. Formerly Head of Engineering at EPUK Investments, Bebbington brings over 20 years of industry experience to the role, having held previous positions at Vestas, E.ON and EDF Energy.

Urgency for profitable project uptime has peaked amidst the energy transition and soaring gas prices. This move will consolidate key core competencies, including commissioning, asset management, operations and maintenance and testing and terminations, as well as James Fisher-owned blade repair specialists, Rotos 360, creating new opportunities for information sharing and synergies across projects. Under Chris’s management, this integrated team will mean EDS, and JF Renewables, can capitalise on new delivery efficiencies, helping to maximise return on investment for customers.

The appointment comes at a time of significant growth for EDS. JF Renewables also has global plans, with EDS playing an instrumental role in expansions across Europe, the US, Taiwan and APAC.

Wayne Mulhall, Managing Director at JF Renewables says:

“With the trend towards larger, higher capacity turbines looking set to grow, getting O&M right is crucial to both production and profitability. Our dedicated O&M team means operators have easier access to the expertise needed to minimise downtime and keep turbines spinning.

“We are excited to continue along our ambitious growth pathway, bringing additional service offerings under one roof to provide more integrated opportunities for our customers.”

Chris Bebbington, Engineering and Operations Director at EDS comments of his new role:

“This is a very exciting time for the energy industry that will go down in history as a pivotal turning point, but it’s also a time of great challenge, as we continue to experience high energy prices. As we look to step away from fossil fuels, the renewables industry needs first-class O&M support to ensure assets are running at optimum capacity, with minimal levels of downtime as we strive to lower the levelized cost of energy for our customers.

“We’re already supporting the growth trajectory of a variety of renewable sources, including on and offshore wind, and we’re well equipped to lean on this expertise across other markets, such as solar and battery storage. This refreshed O&M team will only further allow us to expand our offering to further support the global energy industry.”

Chris Bebbington

The news follows a string of several recent senior appointments at James Fisher Renewables, including Wayne Mulhall as Managing Director in 2021 and Maida Zahirovic as Vice President of Asia Pacific in January 2022.

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