Integrated offshore wind farm services

James Fisher Marine Services* was part of a group-wide solution to support the installation of four structural monitoring devices on an offshore wind farm.

Four group companies from James Fisher and Sons plc were selected to provide a wide range of services for a major EPCI contractor, supporting the installation of four structural monitoring systems on an offshore wind farm.

Offshore wind technicians

The Challenge

  • The four group companies, including James Fisher Renewables, were tasked with providing a solution that included:
    • The installation of monitoring equipment
    • The provision of electrical technicians
    • A confined space support team
    • Vessel chartering

The Solution

  • The monitoring system instrumentation was installed between the grouted connection of the monopile and the transition piece to monitor relative displacement over three axes of movement, which included x, y and rotational.
  • The cables were routed up the structure and through the air tight deck to a data logger in the transition piece. This required the confined space support team to work with technicians in order to safeguard against any emergencies, and to help the team access the installation work area.
  • James Fisher Renewables chartered a dedicated 18m crew transfer vessel to provide the technicians with unrestricted control and access to the turbines.

The results and benefits

With unrestricted control and access to the turbines, the technicians were able to extend their working time on the asset and deliver a cost-effective solution

Offshore wind turbine

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